TREE SERVICE CAPE CORAL has gathered some helpful Questions and Answers for homeowners. Please take the time and learn more about the responsibilities that a homeowner may face having broken tree limbs on their property.

Who trims the branches from street trees?

The homeowner is responsible for required tree pruning where the tree originates on private property. It is likely that greater than 95% of all Beautification street trees in the Township originate on private property.

Who prunes tree branches in electrical wires?

The local utility company in Lee County, is responsible for removing branches near or in the electric wires. DO NOT ATTEMPT to trim trees near electric wires.

Who removes the dead tree in front of my house?

The homeowner is responsible for the removal of trees located on private property. If trees are beyond the “home site” a permit is required. A “home site” is an area within 100 feet of the foundation of the house.

Tree Facts That Make You Stop and Think!

Trees receive an estimated 90% of their nutrition from the atmosphere and only 10% from the soil.

Trees grow from the top, not from the bottom as is commonly believed. A branch's location on a tree will only move up the trunk a few inches in 1000 years.

There are about 20,000 tree species in the world. The United States has one of the largest tree treasuries second only to India.

In one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driving 26,000 miles.

One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year.
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